Online Training

If you are considering to extend your knowledge of WD Gann’s trading methods, then I invite you to my online training sessions via Skype.

The training program is as follows:

  1. Trading H&S and succesful money management – short summary.
  2. Square of nine and its harmonic functions.
  3. Time & price projection factors related to degrees.
  4. Step by step procedure of projecting price into time on EUR/USD and AUD/USD examples (two different starting points)
  5. Step by step procedure of price projections into the future (harmonic pivots)
  6. Step by step procedure of projecting time range.
  7. Finding cluster points of the above projections.

Additionally, if requested, we may analyze during the session any instrument on any market you would like to. Just let me know in advance.

After you get familiar with above subjects you will be able to make a forecast of any instrument existing on the market in the exact way as you have seen in my video using projections of time and price into the future.

It means that all the calculating formulas will be explained and shown to you. After the training, you will also get the Excel spreadsheet with the calculations made during the session. This methodology has been giving me the signals which, when filtered, give the accuracy of over 80%.

The training session time is three hours but declared time is not fixed up to the minutes; if you will have some additional questions or want to clarify something else the length of the session could be extended at no extra charge. What is important in this tutorial is the key factors which, after clarifying the basics, takes no longer than an hour. You may choose the instrument to which the forecasting will be applied.

For more details, please send me an email to