Build up and monetize your own trading indicator

Did you know that your knowledge of the Forex market can be an additional source of income for you? Don’t you know how to do it? It is very easy.

It is estimated that there are 77 million active traders in the world on the Forex market. That’s a very large number, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, most of them lose money. The famous saying is that 95% of Forex traders lose money in the first six months but nobody has verified it.

It is true, however, most of these traders have trouble making ends meet.

They constantly balance on the edge of profitability; sometimes they are slightly in the money, but immediately after that their accounts returns to a zero profit, or shows a loss.

Most of these traders are looking for their Holy Grail, i.e. kind of system or method which will allow them to trade profitably.

The most common wanted tool for profitable trading always was the right indicator or a set of good indicators. Unfortunately, there are few on the market, and the best ones can cost several hundred dollars.

And here is the niche where you can monetize your trading knowledge.

Did you ever know that there is a free tool that allows you to build your own indicators completely for free?

Such a tool exists and is available to you right now.

It is called EA Builder and you can use it for free all your life and no one will ask you to pay even one cent for it.

EA Builder

Just register on the software creator’s website and you can build up your own indicators straight away and what is important, the software possibilities are enormous.

You can create various combinations of many indicators such as RSI, CCI, MACD, Stochastic, Moving Averages, Volume and many many others and combine them into one universal indicator.

Furthermore; you can give such an indicator the name of your choice, add your graphics to it, create thousands of setting options and it’s all completely free.

By offering such a great indicator to the entire Forex market community, you can generate income many times higher than your income from Forex trading.

I’m not saying you’ll sell 77 million units; this is an unrealistic assumption but you may not know that good indicators sell in thousands of pieces. If you charge $ 20 per piece and sell at least five hundred pieces, your income from the sale of such an indicator will be $ 10,000. Not bad for a few hours of work, isn’t it?

In this way you can monetize your Forex knowledge and make money of it just in few steps.

EA Builder

However, if you do not know how to sell online, or simply you don’t want to do it, you should build up such an indicator for yourself and use it in your Forex trading. You don’t need to know any coding at all, you don’t have to know any programming language. The whole building process is very simple and intuitive.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you build your own indicator; I am sure you will be very satisfied with the results of your work.

Access to the EA Builder can be obtained by CLICKING HERE or by clicking on one of the banners on this page. Just register there and you can start immediately to build up your own trading tool.

EA Builder

I emphasize it once again; this indicator builder is free and costs nothing.

The advantage of EA Builder is that for a one-time fee of $ 97 you can create your own trading robots. Also without coding knowledge. Building up your own robots is as easy as building up indicators and just as intuitive. And obviously you can sell such robots as well to other Forex traders and get big profits from it.

Build your Forex indicators successfully and I wish you great success on the market of selling digital trading instruments.