Crushing The Market With WD Gann’s Square Of Nine

Each of us is aware of the cyclicality of stock and currency markets. Each of the instruments, regardless of whether they are shares or currencies, repeats its tops and bottoms in a cyclical way.

Due to the superposition of waves of different cycles that exist within a given instrument, it is difficult to predict which wave will end first in a given time interval.
And this is where the square of nine used by WD Gann appears to help solve such dilemmas.

In the video below, I want to share with you the method of using a simple tool from the MT4 platform that will help you find important turning points on the market.
I hope you will incorporate this tool into your trading toolset, and as a result your position entries and exits will be as accurate as never before.

After watching this video, leave a comment below what you think about this method. I will be very grateful for that.