Harmonics of Planetary Cycles

Knowing the length of the full cycle of each of the planets of the Solar System, we can be tempted to find similarities of the market based on the full cycles of these planets.

In order to find turning points on the market in the past or finding turning points on the market in the future, I built a table consisting of several sheets, for each planetary cycle separately.

Each sheet, after inserting the current date, gives the opportunity to find potential turning points in the past. We look for this data at the top of the table.

Knowing the key turning points of the market in the past, after entering the date when this return occurred, the spreadsheet shows us the potential harmonics of turning point dates in the future.

It is a great tool for finding harmonic turning points on the market.

You can download the spreadsheet here.

Find out how to find turning points on the market from my video.

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  1. Hello Mario, thanks for sharing the material but I’m having difficulty opening it. I’m using Windows and office 2007.

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