Intraday Trading – The Moon And The Sun Aspects

Intraday trading seems extremely difficult and reserved only for professionals. Rapid price movements mean that a beginner trader loses his entire trading account after several unsuccessful transactions.
This is because the price changes in the M5 or M15 time frames do not seem to have any logical justification. However, there is a universal cosmic clock that allows you to find these turning points well in advance.

Thanks to the free Astrolog program, which can be downloaded from, you can predict any potential price changes of a given instrument with a little practice, down to a few minutes. You will learn how to do this in the video below.

This video only covers the London and New York session period as the trading volume is much lower during the Asian session. However, this does not mean that this method does not work during the Asian session. The Universal Clock works in all conditions 24 hours a day.
Consider adding this method to your arsenal of trading tools as this method has a very high degree of accuracy.
However, before you start using this method in your live trading, try it on a demo account and make sure that it is effective enough to trust your money.
Happy trading!

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