Market Cycles, Holy Geometry And Important Turning Points

In my previous video, I told you how to find potential support and resistance lines based on the position of slow-moving planets. And here I owe you some explanation: financial astrology is not a crystal ball in which, like the clairvoyant, you forecast the future.

In my opinion, financial astrology is an instrument that helps in making decisions about entering and exiting the market based on planetary cycles exactly the same as technical analysis or financial geometry.

Therefore, relying solely on financial astrology is a path to nowhere; in order to get the best results on the market, in my opinion, you should use all three methods at the same time.

In the video below, I will share with you how by using the simplest methods of technical analysis, financial geometry and support and resistance lines determined from the location of slow-moving planets you can find entry and exit points of the market.