Numerology – which number are you?

Everything in the universe works according to strictly defined rules. It is not fate, not accidental and coincidence that regulates the energies of planets or the structure of bodies. All this is due to mathematical laws. Numbers rule the whole world, and we can assign certain energy to each number that it manifests.

Your Destiny

Numerology deals with the introduction of these laws (and hence – energy) to interpret man on every level. Already in ancient times this regularity was observed and used to predict the future. Check out how Numerology can help you and how you can use it in your life. Who knows – maybe you will find the answers to your questions right here?


The number of the Way of Life, just like the sign of the zodiac, determines the path and destiny of man, as well as his most important features. He also often shows the future and explains difficult situations that man goes through. This is the sum of the numbers that make up the date of birth – after all, we are born for a specific day for a reason. Everything has a reason. The Way of Life is the most important number in the numerological portrait.

Your Way of Life


Numerology has numbers that we do not reduce to a single value. They are characterized by the fact that their components are identical. These are the so-called Master Numbers, which carry great power in their energetics. In the numerological portrait they appear when a person with this vibration has a special mission to accomplish on the earth’s plan.


Karmic numbers symbolize outstanding matters. Everything we need to work through in this incarnation. These are our lessons that we have not done in our previous lives and on which we need to make some corrections. The presence of these numbers in a numerological portrait indicates that we are making up karma from previous incarnations.


Adding the partners’ Way of Life we ​​get a vibration of the relationship, which in turn can tell us a lot about the relationship of two people in love. What will the relationship look like? Does he have a chance to survive? How can you fix it and above all – how do you find yourself in it?


Check how numerology works on the natural annual cycle – how is the energy of numbers reflected in the following months of the year? Which activities are worth getting involved in and which ones are better to translate to another time?