The Tunnel Thru The Air

The Tunnel Thru The Air is a book in which the author tries to tell us in a misterious way his trading methods.
Under the cover of romance between two young people and the ongoing war with Japan, WD Gann coded his trading methods for us.
Here is what WD Gann himself writes in the introduction to his book:


“Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.” – Proverbs.

A BOOK, to be worth reading, must do more than amuse and interest, It must be instructive to be of real value to the reader. This book has a three-fold purpose:

First, It is an interesting romance.

Second, It teaches a moral lesson and proves the natural laws laid down in the Bible.

Third, It shows the value of science, foreknowledge and preparedness.

It has been well said that truth is stranger than fiction. This story is founded on facts and events, many of which have happened or will happen in the future.

The “Tunnel Thru The Air” is mysterious and contains a valuable secret, clothed in veiled language. Some will find it the first time they read it, others will see it in the second reading, but the greatest number will find the hidden secret when they read it the third time.

You will read it the first time because you are interested in the love story and for amusement. This will create a desire to read it a second time for instruction and knowledge.

The second reading will unfold some of the hidden meanings and you will gain knowledge thru understanding which will stimulate an incentive to put the knowledge gained into action.

You will read it the third time because you want to make your dreams and ideas become real and find how to start knowledge into action.

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4 thoughts on “The Tunnel Thru The Air

  1. Another wonderful piece of knowledge
    Thank you so much, Mario

    I wonder if you have a private channel for more discussion especially concerning daily activity, I would really like to join and learn from you

  2. I loved every piece of the book but i guess a second read would teach me more as suggested, just wanna discover the secrets

    1. Emmanuel; after the third reading the magic begins. Read carefully the cotton campaign and note the dates. Check them up in the Astrolog software. 🙂

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