I have been interested in trading various markets for over thirty years. I set up my first account in the first months of 1990. It was an options trading account with one of City of London brokers. It was so long ago that I don’t even remember the broker name. The only thing I remember is Sears, because of which I lost the equivalent of three weeks’ salary in one day.

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The first book I bought (and it cost 25 pounds – one working day salary) contained basically only one trading system; golden cross and death cross, consisting of the intersection of the 200 moving average with the graph. The charts were drawn by hand and historical data had to be bought; they cost five pounds each share – it was quite a lot of money for one printed chart.

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I opened my first futures trading account in 2000. I burned it in a few months. Then it was a little better; I began to read (the first tutorials began to appear on the Internet), I discussed on transactional forums, there was already the possibility of online trading.

Forex fell on me like salvation; at least that was my first impression then but I lost the first hundred dollars in five minutes. It was 2003 on the easy-forex platform. I don’t know if it exists yet, but I do remember that the spread was 15 pips. Pure profit; of course for the broker.

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Then I became interested in WD Gann techniques. It was like magic. I read about everything that was available online, learned the secrets of Astro-finance, learned about trines, sextiles, squares, oppositions, the meanings of planets and their conjunctions and of course I bought my first books on Gann.

I learned the principles of sacred geometry, the law of vibration and learned that the future of the markets is a repetition of the past.

In this part of my website, I share with my readers the experience gained during these decades.

I am convinced that this knowledge will help you realize your trading passions.