Numerology of 3

Threes are people with extraordinary adaptation skills, they can adapt to any environment, situation. They are characterized by a variety of interests, communication skills, and a great need for expression. Threes are extremely lively, very dynamic, smiling, cheerful and kind. Their circle of friends is usually very wide. Hereditary cordiality, ease of communication, makes people appreciate the company of threes.

People with the described vibration hate stagnation, inaction, monotony, are extremely active, have an open mind, a head full of ideas, often crazy and are not afraid of risk. High levels of adrenaline have a positive effect on them because the three are brave and like to test themselves in a variety of situations, even if they are stressful and others can be anxious. A tendency to risk means that they can often get in trouble or find themselves in difficult situations.

Threes are talkative, funny, they love to talk about their adventures and are not afraid of their own opinions, on the contrary, they have a great need to express their own opinions. Their gift of persuasion is quite large, inborn joy, optimism, energy and enthusiasm help them in gaining followers of their ideas. In addition, threes are spontaneous, they react vividly, are quite impulsive, have a volatile mind. Implementation in social life is at their very high level, they are also hospitable, entertainment, sincere, friendly and rather tolerant. Social life, the need to live in a group, really matters to them.

Threes are people with a decidedly extroverted personality. Unfortunately, people with vibration 3 may have problems with excessive nervousness, distraction, and impatience. In addition, they are suspicious, rather distrustful, reckless, nervous, they can react too impulsively, sometimes even aggressively.

Threes are reluctant to admit mistakes, are able to close their eyes to their own faults and tend to indulge in themselves, even if they behave inappropriately. They may have problems with responsibility because threes are definitely playboys, quite often they behave recklessly and it is difficult for them to learn from mistakes. Created for free professions. Conventional, practical classes are not suitable for them, because the troika does not tolerate monotony. They are quite hardworking and achieving professional success is important to them.

Threes can have big stabilization problems. Weaknesses may include excessive talkativeness, sometimes mythomania, instability in feelings, and egocentrism.