Numerology of 44

People with this vibration have even more power and ability to achieve success and power than people with vibration 22. They are people of great deeds, especially on the material plane. They have a chance to go really high and achieve power, recognition on a large scale, of course, if they use their gift properly.

Vibration 44 gives a lot of imagination, the ability to think ahead, perseverance, systematic pursuit of the goal, not being discouraged by adversity, ease of overcoming obstacles. In addition, they distinguish such people, great organizational skills, creativity, brilliant solutions, professionalism in a selected field.

Even in crisis situations, they are characterized by self-control and strong nerves. They do not break down but look for solutions that will help save the situation. People with such vibration are really strong personalities. Respected by others, they enjoy great authority.

Their intuition is perfectly developed. In addition, they are characterized by diligence, discipline, activity and efficiency. In life they are guided by high moral principles, they are honest, truthful, tactful, they also have the ability to control the spirit over matter.

People with vibration 44 feel the need to fix and improve the world, which manifests itself in the pursuit of power. In addition, they have a great sense of interest, are ideal bosses and professionals in the field of their choice. Their management skills are admirable and allow them to achieve material satisfaction, power and recognition.

People with vibration 44 are above average intelligent and brave. Negative implementation can manifest itself in materialism, workaholism, a tendency to exalt, abuse and humiliate the weaker and less able. They are also threatened with arrogance, bossy, harsh judgment, sacrificing personal life for a career, neglecting loved ones.