Numerology of 6

Sixes above all value, they appreciate successful family life. They are capable of making the biggest sacrifices for loved ones. Numerological sixes easily make contact with others, they are helpful and helpful people you can rely on.

It is very important for them to live in harmony, real satisfaction gives them a successful, stable emotional life. It is important for them a sense of security, they love to feel needed and important.

Sixes are born aesthetes, with a great passion for art and living in comfort. They are people who are not afraid of emotional involvement but feel quite afraid of rejection. Their weak point is blaming themselves for failures, problems with making decisions.

Sixes hours can shake all the pros and cons, make a decision to change their mind again in a moment. Even after making their choice, they can still wonder about its validity. People with the vibration of the number six are calm, they do not have problems with excessive explosiveness, conflicts try to resolve with calmness.

They are very demanding towards their relatives, they can afford harsh criticism and judgments. In addition, sixes are distinguished by their insight, responsibility and ability to share with others. They are not greedy, they are generous by nature and take care of the needs of their loved ones.

They are social people, they love to be with other people, exchange views, listen and advise. Sixes are able to sacrifice a lot for their family’s sake. They are also sensitive people who have the gift of analyzing and making accurate judgments. People are happy to use the good advice of sixes.

The problem of sixes is their uncertainty, fear of injury, lack of a person who is their support and gives a sense of security. Sixes at all costs want to love and be loved, if they lack such a person, they become hypersensitive, cranky, discouraged and may feel terrible pessimism, the pointlessness of life, lack of sense.

Sixes are often endowed with artistic talents. They are sensitive to beauty, they also have a talent for creation, a sense of rhythm, they dress tastefully, with sensitivity and elegance.

Sixes are friendly, nice people, have impeccable manners. At work, they are responsible, conscientious and try their best to perform their duties. They work great in professions that have a connection with family life, in which they can act as a guardian, counsellor, person who supports and helps.