Numerology of 4

People with the numerological vibration of the number four are serious, restrained people, attached to routine, caring for order, appreciating the value of work. Fours have a gentle disposition, are rather introverted, cautious, solid and trustworthy. They are hard-working, meticulous and systematic.

They have a great desire to meet at work. In their feelings, stability and durability are important to them, they value fidelity and are devoted. Fours may have problems expressing feelings, people often perceive them as inaccessible, even cool people.

Rather, it is difficult for them to talk about their needs, they are often dominated by a partner, due to their very gentle nature and submission. They do not like conflicts, so many things prefer to remain silent, rather than openly expressing their dissatisfaction.

Fours are well organized, disciplined, persistent in pursuit, at work they can keep their nerves cold, they are calm. They have practical sense, they are diligent, resistant to stress. They must be especially careful not to fall into workaholism.

Four advantages also include efficiency, entrepreneurship and professionalism in their fields. They carry out the tasks entrusted to them conscientiously, they hate postponing something for later. In addition, they are punctual, stick to set deadlines, hate it when someone does not appear on time. They can be very strict.

Stability, security and balance in every area are very important to them. Their weak point is staying on the sidelines, often lack fantasy, spontaneity, sticking to established rules. Any deviation from their rules causes guilt and frustration. They are very demanding on themselves and the environment. In addition, four are considered to be honest, stubborn, consistent in action, able to see the details. They don’t like change, they are conservative friends, they choose carefully, they are distrustful.

Fours are faithful, capable of sacrifices and hard work, aimed at the good of loved ones. They endure rejection very badly and tend to ponder the past too much, analyze what was and often blame themselves for failure. They often fall into melancholic moods and pessimism.