Numerology of 1

People with the vibration of the number 1 are born leaders who hate authority over themselves and want to preserve their independence at all costs. Confident, hit, effective, full of charisma ones, they have a great energy potential and a sense of independence.

They feel a strong need for self-improvement. They are very creative, they can show their own initiative, they have no problems with communication skills, they can speak wonderfully. Implementing short-term activities is best for them.

Strength of character, individuality, desire to create, creativity, domination, bold ideas, the gift of persuasion, charisma and outstanding leadership skills help them to reconcile people who are the ones who show the way. Ones usually have great authority and are often role models
for others. They have practical sense, strong will, organizational skills, but smaller executive skills.

They are dynamic in nature, characterized by spontaneity and risk appetite. Numerological ones are ambitious people who have the skills of self-realization and organizational talent. They are entrepreneurial and intelligent, they feel a high need for power, to achieve a high social position.

Ones strive for perfection, they are self-critical. They endure criticism from others badly. Their weaknesses are overbearing, a tendency to egocentrism, domination, arrogance, risky behaviour, a tendency to impose their own opinions, impatience.

Failures can cause them feeling frustrated, too nervous and explosive. In partnership they easily show feelings, they feel a great need to appreciate, they can be overly jealous, even possessive. It is hard for the ones to compromise, they prefer to impose their views and way of seeing.