Numerology of 5

Numerological fives have a great energy charge! They are extremely lively, expansive, full of movement, communicative, easy-going and cheerful. They easily make contact with the environment, have the ability to talk about almost any topic.

They are good speakers, but they can also be great listeners. Inborn dynamism, grace, magnetism helps them to unite people, makes them have a wide range of friends and acquaintances.

Fives have quite a changeable nature, sometimes they are unpredictable and work surprisingly. They change their interests quite often, they are entertaining and very sociable. Like numerological threes, they have great adaptability to new places and situations.

Fives have the nature of explorers, they love to make new friends, explore unknown places, taste previously unknown dishes. They are also very interested in people, they can ask a lot of questions in order to meet another person, but they speak less about themselves.

Numerological fives are unlikely to sit in one place, it takes them a long time to find the right place in life, they love to travel and lead a lush social life. Hanging out at home is rather boring, they prefer to spend time in places where something is happening, there are people, music, movement.

They have great personal charm. They lead quite a turbulent, restless life. Their weakness is impatience, conflict, impulsiveness and explosiveness.
They are quite nervous.

Fives have quite a big need for independence. They may also be characterized by emotional instability. They love all the adventures that add flavour to their lives. Rather, they endure routine badly. Fives have a lively, volatile mind, a gift of persuasion, expression, ease of adjustment, and eloquence.

Their weak points are problems with stability, exaggeration, nervousness, tension, lack of self-confidence. At first glance, fives are considered to be people who are firmly on the ground, confident, even hit, but in fact, fives are characterized by quite a high self-confidence.

In partnership they hate boredom, they like surprises and adventures, they can have problems expressing feelings.