I didn’t recognize my sister

When I returned to the country after three years in the antipodes, I did not recognize my sister. Leaving to the other end of the world, I said goodbye to a big 20-year-old girl, for whom the words “slight obesity” was a real compliment.

Anna at the age of sixteen had an accident and was lying in bed for a long time. In addition, her treatment included steroid treatment, and this combined with lack of exercise is an explosive mixture. That is why Anna at the age of 20 with a height of 164 cm weighed 130 lbs.

After three years of my absence, I saw a beautiful young woman who lost 30 lbs in a very short time.
When she saw my surprise, she laughed heartily first and then said to me: “Don’t you recognize me, brother?” I couldn’t believe it. She looked wonderful.

A few days later, when I calmed down after returning, she told me what had happened. Here is her story:

“I lost 30 lbs, but slimming is nothing! I like the metamorphosis of my body very much, and this is not the end of the changes.
However, before I tell you how it happened, I will tell you one thing … If you are not happy today, changing your weight will not change anything. Because it’s not pounds or their lack that gives us the joy of life. When you feel bad about yourself and hate your body, you should work on it. And only then take care of yourself as you deserve.

I know people who, despite losing weight, don’t enjoy life. They thought it was kilos that made their lives difficult. The reason for all their sorrows was seen in their appearance fat beloved. Overweight, obesity is obviously a problem, but you can’t “fight” it with hatred and dissatisfaction. Have you ever seen someone take care of your enemy?

I noticed differences in the perception of my own body. A few years ago, when after the end of steroid therapy I stopped treating my own body as an enemy, I became happier. I stopped blaming myself for this state of affairs, told myself that I had to change it and started to look on the Internet how to do it.
At first, I planned to introduce fasting but soon I read that it doesn’t give much and after a few weeks the pounds lost due to fasting will return.
Then I started to read about changing the way of eating. I decided to put it into practice.
And of course, I started going to the gym three times a week but despite the opinion that all this would work, after a few months, I felt discouraged. I only lost 4 lbs! It was a failure! I felt lost!

Exercise, change of diet and stubbornness did little. At the time, I thought that it would take me five or six years to lose weight. And I gave up.
Despite the fact that I tried to eat less and no longer took steroids because the therapy was long over, I returned to my old weight.
The worst thing was that I had disturbing symptoms: I began to be short of breath with every effort, I was sweating excessively and even going up the stairs to the bedroom made me gasp.

I went to the doctor, he prescribed some medicine for me, but he said that if I don’t start to take care of my health and don’t lose weight, I may have more serious problems and sent me to do additional tests.

The results of these tests left no illusions; I had clogged veins and I was potentially at risk of having a heart attack.
I was terrified and had to do something with myself.
In desperation, I started browsing the Internet and came across a program called Cinderella Solution.

I did not really believe that it works, but I read some opinions on the forums about this program and told myself that I would risk it. Along with the program, they had an additional Kickstart Accelerator which I took with the program.

And you know what happened? You see yourself. I didn’t believe that it would work, but it worked, and now without any shame, I go to the club every weekend, after which Anna got up, smiled happily and twisted the pirouette.

“Tell your girlfriend about the Cinderella Solution program with the Accelerator Kickstart when she arrives from Australia,” she said. “I saw you together on the video that you shared on Youtube. She probably overdid it with a number of Marmite toasts a bit.”

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