Numerology of 11

Vibration 11 means intelligence, mental acuity, success and power. Numerological figures rarely go unnoticed, they are considered exceptional people with a strong personality. They are characterized by creativity, high-spirited spirit, courage, humanitarianism, an idealistic approach to the world, a desire to create and participate in lofty ventures. They have a great gift of persuasion and charisma.

It is believed that those possessing this vibration are lucky in every field except for the material sphere. It is easier for elevens to gain recognition and fame. Their task is to share their knowledge, teach, help, support, and sacrifice for others. In the field of their choice, they have the chance to become champions. Gifted with great intuition, spiritual, open to other people, compassionate, tolerant elevens have no problems with gaining trust and respect among people.

The elevens have piercing minds and a wonderful gift of prediction, they are great in fields such as astrology and in other esoteric sciences. They can also be great teachers, psychologists and also artists.

Artistic talents are their next advantage. The elevens remain true to their ideals, are not influenced by other people and are not conformists. They stubbornly stick to their rules. Even in the face of great achievements, they can remain modest because what they do is not for show and for applause and recognition. Selflessness, generosity, cordiality and a willingness to serve others, readiness to help make them become a role model.

The elevens have many talents, power and abilities, but they are not always well used. Negative realization of the described vibration can manifest itself in egocentrism, detachment from reality, too idealizing, feeling tension. In addition, mood swings, melancholy, shyness, lack of self-confidence, undervaluation are possible despite many successes and accomplishments.

In love, elevens are very devoted, loyal, loving and tender. They search for their ideal for a long time, but when they find it, they can love with all their heart and have no problems remaining faithful. Eleven are stable feelings, value stability and emotional security.