Numerology of 2

People with the vibration of number two are considered calm, sensitive, delicate. They have the ability to listen to others, as well as give relevant and helpful advice. They are tactful, diplomatic, patient, calm, they keep steel nerves even in difficult situations.

Twos are liked for their inherent gentleness, service and loyalty. You can trust them and rely on them. They are happy to provide help, the needs of loved ones are as important to them as their own needs. They do not like to stand out, they are rather restrained, modest.

Their advantage is also hospitality, sociability, ability to cooperate, and their emotionality. In life, they try to strive for balance and emotional security. Their emotional sphere is strongly developed, relationships and partnership are extremely important for two.

Twos are rather insecure and shy, sometimes it makes contact with people difficult, they are reluctant to take risks and are afraid of new situations. New acquaintances also stress them, despite the great sociability of the two.

Creating a satisfying relationship is very important to them, material matters are less important. Loving and being loved is a priority for them and if there are failures and dissatisfaction in their emotional life, unfortunately, the twos experience it very much, often to the extent that as a result, they get into depressed moods, bothersome emotional swings, tearfulness and hypersensitivity.

Twos are forgiving, tolerant, forgive wrongs, but they cannot forget about them, they tend to rethink and reconsider difficult matters. Twos are friendly, unfortunately, they can easily give in to the influence of other, more hit people. Their weaknesses are a too idealistic view of relationships, love, which can be the reason for the difficulties in finding the right partner. Twos value home life very much, they do not like boisterous parties, they prefer the more intimate, in the company of their closest, proven friends.

Twos are creative, although their innate shyness means that sometimes they are afraid to show what they really can do. Often, due to faith in their own abilities, the implementation of their wonderful ideas does not come to fruition. Twos are afraid that they will be criticized and rejected, so they prefer not to lean out.

Twos are a bit lazy, but they can get to work hard if the situation requires it. In the professional sphere, their disadvantage may be over-reliance on other colleagues. Twos have outstanding adaptability, mediation skills, willingly follow instructions.

What threatens them?

First of all, they must be careful that people do not use their gentleness and kindness. Unfortunately, the twos have problems with a strong refusal, sometimes they take too much on their shoulders, which can cause them a feeling of tension, pressure and guilt if they are not able to meet someone else’s expectations.