How to create your own Expert Advisor based on your trading strategy?

Do you know that you can build your own trading robot, created according to your own ideas, based on your own indicators?

For sure, you have wondered many times what would happen if you created your own, unique, super-efficient and super-effective Expert Advisor.

Your trading account would start to grow very quickly, you would not have to spend hours in front of the monitor looking at the charts and analyzing each price change.

Did you know that a good Forex robot can cost a fortune? Some robots cost five hundred, a thousand, or even two thousand dollars, and there are plenty of those willing to buy such automated tools.

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If you managed to build such a trading robot, then your profits would definitely exceed the profits from the trade itself.

Imagine that you have a good effective system, you create a trading robot out of it, test it, you get excellent results in the form of a very high rate of return.

Of the estimated fifty million existing traders in the world, you would certainly find many potential customers. The best robots sell in tens of thousands of pieces, and their creators float in luxury.

I assure you that the creation of such a robot is within your reach. Contrary to appearances, its creation does not require knowledge of MQL coding language and is very simple.

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There is a tool that will allow you to create such a robot in a few minutes and without any problem.

Such Expert Advisor builder allows you to create a combination of an infinite number of indicators, trading conditions, introducing restrictions and extensions.

You can easily set stop loss and take profit in it, add an automatic trailing stop or gradual opening or closing of your positions if you use grid trading.

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The possibilities of the program are virtually limitless. For less than a hundred dollars you get a tool that will not only allow you to trouble-free trade in any market but at the same time can be a source of even greater profits if you decide to sell to other people the Expert Advisor created by you.

In addition, using this tool you can also create your own indicators for free, combining hundreds of existing indicators such as RSI, MACD, CCI, MA, Stochastic and many others. Such indicators created in this way can be used for your own purposes or you can also sell them to other players on the Forex or stock market.

That is why I recommend you to use your potential and your trading experience in creating something that will be very useful not only to you but also to other traders.


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