Numerology of 8

Eights are very hardworking people, and their ambition, perseverance, consistency and persistence allow them to achieve their goals and successively climb the career ladder.
People with the number eight vibration have great organizational skills as well as management skills.

They have a rich personality, they are practical, organized, they do not give up easily, even despite unfavourable circumstances they do not break down, they fight until the very end. They pursue their goals persistently, are systematic and stubborn.

Eights do not like obscure situations, ambiguity, falsehood and hypocrisy. They always play open cards, they don’t like gossip or understatement. If anything irritates them, irritates them, they can honestly talk about their dissatisfaction.

Eights are enterprising and have a wonderful gift of persuading others. They have a balanced nature. In addition, eights are honest people, with a great sense of justice. Very demanding, solid, they feel the need to fulfil themselves in a specific field, they do not like to be distracted, they prefer to become great specialists in the profession of their choice. Energetic and resistant to stress, they are considered very strong personalities.

Eights do not allow to show their weakness, they are tough, they are extremely calm. Eights achieve their goals more easily than others. They are extremely brave, they love challenges, they are not afraid to take risks.

People are jealous of their hit, stubbornness and extraordinary persistence and consistency in achieving their desired goals. For eights, position, reaching high positions, and hence material satisfaction are very important. Eights can break above average, thanks to their enormous ambition and stubbornness, they get what they desire. They have a great sense of business, their enthusiasm, amazing energy, internal discipline, leadership skills can lead them really high.

Eights must take care that their lives are not dominated by the material world. Through intense professional life, they can neglect their loved ones. Eights are mastered, but in the case of high nervousness, they can explode with doubled strength. Their great ambitions mean that they take too much on their shoulders, take up a lot of challenges, sometimes lead to a state of frustration, feelings of dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Eight partnerships are considered very devoted, passionate and faithful people. They are capable of sacrifices for loved ones. They make sure that their family lives in prosperity and comfort.

Eights are demanding, jealous and possessive. They require complete compliance with their partners, which can cause conflicts and misunderstandings in relationships unless they reach submissive and more sensitive people. Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to form a relationship, because their great need for domination is also transferred to the emotional sphere. In feelings they are very passionate, they hate routines, they like to take challenges.

Eights are winners, they are not discouraged by their failure and even if the other party is not interested, they can stubbornly strive to get the person they want.

Their weaknesses may be haughtiness, capriciousness, contempt for much weaker people, arrogance, excessive stubbornness and a tendency to dominate. Also, honesty to pain may be misunderstood by others. Eights are rather taciturn, but they do not hesitate to make judgments, even if they would be harmful to others.