Numerology of 7

People who have the number seven vibration are born perfectionists. They try to be the best in every area of ​​life. Sevens are very focused on their inner life, they have a reflective nature, an analytical mind, they are rather secretive, they may seem cool and inaccessible.

They have perfectly developed intuition, they are inquisitive, intelligent, they willingly explore the secrets of knowledge, their passion for learning does not fade throughout their lives. Self-improvement is extremely important to them. They feel a great need for space. They have an artistic sense, they are inventive, they have the nature of explorers.

Sevens are discreet, cultural, have the ability to listen to others, they are rather mysterious, but this, as well as innate magnetism, makes people cling to sevens and love to be with them.

Sevens have the ability to shine in a group of others. They are kind, patient, they may seem unattractive and indifferent, but they really care about gaining respect and trust, their environment.

The opinion of others is important to them, they endure criticism badly, although they try not to show it outside. Sevens value peace most, love to hide at home and explore the topics that interest them alone. Intellectual knowledge gives her the greatest satisfaction.

People with the vibration of the number seven constantly strive to achieve the ideal, they try to be perfect in all areas. In professional matters, they are characterized by professionalism and diligence. Sevens have a wonderful gift of transferring knowledge to others, they are able to teach, and their knowledge pool is huge.

Sevens are neat, elegant people, they hate kitsch and bad taste. They are happy to experiment, try new dishes, go to unknown places.

Sevens find it difficult to trust another person, they tend to distance themselves and isolate. All this is due to fear of injury. Their weak point may be escaping into the world of drugs, at a time when their life is not going well, they feel lonely and misunderstood. In addition, numerological sevens are characterized by a lack of openness, often they are conceited, which may be the reason for disagreement with the environment. Seven flaws also include a lack of self-confidence.