Numerology of 33

It is a vibration that personifies knowledge, wisdom, harmony, tolerance, forbearance, fulfilment. In addition, people with this master number are credited with generosity, nobility, good intentions, compassion, sensitivity and great spirituality. It means gentle disposition, devotion, warmth and care in a wide range.

If the vibration is expressed positively, then we are dealing with a fulfilled, balanced man, caring for others, serving advice and comfort. In addition, such people are always willing to help, devoid of selfishness, are guided by the good of others, have an internal sense of justice, are patient, understanding and honest. Adherence to moral principles and goodness in life are extremely important to them.

Vibration 33 also means truthfulness, spiritual guidance, the ability to control emotions, striving for personal development and achieving internal harmony. Gentleness, peace emanating from people with the championship vibration 33, makes people cling to them, especially those who need support, comfort, uplift and good advice. 33 have the ability to calm down other excessive, bad emotions.

They often have great therapeutic abilities. They are perfect as spiritual counsellors, teachers and psychologists. They have extremely well-developed intuition.
People with vibration 33 cannot be denied much recognition or respect. They are very demanding towards each other and feel best if they can help others.

Negative vibration 33, unfortunately, can be manifested in excessive idealism, rebellion, doing great things for the public, for show. Nervousness, a tendency to become addicted, neglecting duties, failures to achieve professional success, problems with subsistence, and even serious financial problems are also possible.