Numerology of 9

People with the vibration of the number 9 are extremely emotional, full of passion, idealistic attitude to life, they have a great need to help others. A rich, kind disposition. Willingness to share with others, transfer acquired knowledge, wisdom, altruism, tolerance, and caring.

Nines are capable of sacrifices, the good of others is very important to them, they are not insensitive to the needs of others. By nature, obliging, devoted and kind nines have a wide range of friends.

Nines are also loyal, you can trust and rely on them. They love to make new friends. They feel a great need to improve their interior. They are fascinated by other cultures, they willingly go to unknown places, they are rather restless souls, although they may seem seemingly composed and very composed.

Nines have excellent communication skills. They are understanding, compassionate, emotional. They are very popular with other people. Egoism, egocentrism is foreign feelings for nines. People with the described vibration are sociable, and all meetings with other people, exchange of views, and communication on a large scale are very stimulating.

Nines have a strongly developed intuition, of all numerological vibrations, they are at the highest stage of spiritual development. They are also characterized by openness to other people, the world and science. Nine is a servant of others, he can make great sacrifices. Emotional satisfaction depends on nines, how much they can do for other people.

The described vibration belongs to mystics, visionaries, altruists, missionaries. Nines live with humanistic ideals, they have an unusual gift of foresight, they feel a great need for space. They are very sensitive, sensitive to the harm of others, willing to help, they dream of greater justice in the world. In addition, nines are among generous, noble, well-intentioned, kind and understanding people.

Nines are considered a bit detached from reality, rocking in the clouds, looking too idealistically at the world. They endure routine badly, are unconventional, inventive and cordial. They are characterized by great kindness, selflessness and impulsiveness. The one who thinks nines are calm, gentle people is wrong.

Nines are full of dynamism, they can be explosive, violent and extremely stubborn. They tend to dominate. They are often overprotective and may tend to make others happy by force.

Idealizing others and believing that people are most often guided by good intentions can lead to their being used. Their rich inner life means that they are not always understood by others. Nines can be considered eccentric, living in a different world.

In love, they are devoted and faithful, but they also feel a great need for independence, which can make it difficult for them to maintain a relationship and cause conflicts.

Their weaknesses can also be quite a changeable temperament, mood swings, neuroticism, hypersensitivity and bite. They are very demanding on their partners, their idealistic approach to love can make it hard to meet people with the vibration of the number nine.