Do steroids really make you stupid?

There are two interesting facts about exercisers who regularly use steroids. Now steroid fans mean not bodybuilders or athletes, but normal guys who want to be big and strong. In fact, more and more young men exercising in the gym are resorting to support measures. But are they always aware of the consequences?

Steroids make young people stupid?

Steroids. In other words, it means that everything is easier to use. Almost every exercise plan and almost every nutrition plan works. Growths come almost “automatically” and on their own. Almost everything works when you are on steroids. Of course, there are exceptions here, but not many.


Of course, everyone must train hard. But steroids and similar substances accelerate and enable performance that would normally not be. If steroids really make up only “+10 strength” – how many users say – why are they used?

The earlier steroids are taken at a young age, the shorter the training “career”.

This does not mean that young steroid fans die sooner. Rather, they completely stop exercising, not exercising again. But why is that? For many reasons – legal, financial, health, professional, educational etc. Most don’t know how to use steroids consistently. As a result, profits go down and “training no longer works” – or at least this happens when we compare it to training on steroids.


Is there an alternative? You will never be able to maintain “artificial” muscles. It is not without reason that some experts refer to the inflated steroid body as a “borrowed body”. And although you train like a madman, you lose most of your pumped muscles. Mentally, it hurts a lot.

A typical behavioural pattern looks like this:

– You love training and that’s why you use steroids.
– Therefore, you only love training when you are on it.
– You can’t consume steroids consistently, so you stop exercising if you don’t take ‘boosters’.
Many people taking steroids can still build a lot of muscle and get the full benefit of weight training, but steroids make them “stupid”. You don’t learn on steroids, which means naturally acting.

Who can use steroids?

The only people who can successfully deal with steroids are usually older, more experienced and intelligent men with families, decent careers and training. In addition, they usually have a lot of knowledge about exercise and nutrition. That’s why they usually don’t overdo it with steroid use. After all, they have other, much more important life values.

The option of hormone replacement therapy.

Alternative? If your testosterone level is tested with age and as soon as your doctor prescribes hormone replacement therapy, do so. Be happy and enjoy high but normal testosterone levels. Thanks to this you will feel better, achieve better results and achieve better results in the gym than without treatment.