Squaring Price With Time

Squaring Price With Time As A Secret Knowledge

When you hear about squaring price and time, your first thought is that it is some secret knowledge available only to a select few.

Indeed, finding turning points in the market based on mathematical formulas is a bit complicated and requires a lot of knowledge.

Learning How To Square Price With Time

You can get this kind of knowledge during my private online training sessions via Skype, where I teach my students the secrets of squaring of price, time and range. More details can be found in this article and over here. Details about the training can be obtained by sending an inquiry to fxotherway@yahoo.com

Free Tool Allowing To Square Price With Time

However, there is a free tool on the MT4 platform that will allow you to get similar results without complicated mathematical calculations. Squaring time with price, in this case, requires the application of two indicators on the chart and the use of a bit of common sense. Unfortunately, no one has invented the squaring time and price robot so far.

Square Price With Time Easy Way On MT4 Platform

To find out how to do this, watch this short video in which I describe the entire procedure in detail.

As you can see, it’s not any rocket science.

In a few steps, you can find the turning points of your trading instrument. If you would like to learn more detailed mathematical methods of calculating most of the turning points of the market, please come to my session online. You will get the details by sending an email to the following address:


Learn more about the WD Gann secret formula here, which describes the conversion of price and time in a mathematical way. Pure math is the key to a trader’s success in any market because the behaviour of the price over time can be mathematically calculated.

You can also learn hearn how to predict future tops and bottoms as in WD Gann’s famous letter for 1929.

Happy reading.