Secret WD Gann’s Formula

William Delbert Gann amazed the world with his methods of predicting future tops and bottoms of the market. However, he hid the secrets of his trading from the world. Since his death, thousands of analysts have tried to find his secret formula. Some have succeeded and others are still looking for this formula.

In his most famous work, “The Tunnel Thru The Air“, WD Gann said, “My calculations are based on the cycle theory and on mathematical sequences. History repeats itself. That is what I have always contended, – that in order to know and predict the future of anything you only have to look up what has happened in the past and get a correct base or starting point. My authority for stating that the future is but a repetition of the past is found in the Bible. “

As you can see, WD Gann relied primarily on mathematics, and more specifically, on the use of simple algebraic equations to calculate cycles. Simple isn’t it?

Inspired by this statement, eleven years ago I began my search for the Holy Grail in trading. I must admit that it took quite a long time. However, after several years of searching, I managed to find the first link between the past and the future. Markets repeat the same patterns of behaviour over time, and they do it with an accuracy I couldn’t believe. Indeed, the future is nothing more than a repetition of past events.

Right now, I can calculate the turning points of the market with an accuracy that I cannot believe myself.
Take a look at the EUR / USD chart below. The lines marked indicate market turning points based on past market behaviour.

You might admit that the result is amazing.
Projection of price into time gives phenomenal results. Like range projection. Take a look at the AUD / USD chart below and judge for yourself if this method is effective.

Believe me or not, this calculation method is very simple. It consists of several algebraic calculations and several sequences resulting from the harmonic properties of the Square of Nine. The rest is just a formality; it is enough to mark future turning points on the chart and wait for this important day for the market. Easy isn’t it?

Of course, in order to make these calculations, you need to set a starting point and use appropriate mathematical tools.
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In a few hours of my training session, you will learn how to calculate turning points, how to make a price projection into the time, how to calculate support harmonics and resistances, and how to put it all together. The knowledge gained will allow you to obtain hidden information, thanks to which you will achieve incredible efficiency as a trader. So I invite you to travel together along the WD Gann path.

So learn with me the hidden formulas of WD Gann