Free Market Forecasting Tool

Once upon the time, ages ago, someone said that markets are random and their chaotic price movements are unpredictable and this claim is very fashionable, especially among those traders who make a part of this legendary group of 75 per cent of those who leave their money on the market.

From the other hand, when you look at any chart you realise that markets behaviour has some harmonic patterns which, with a little bit of effort from your side can be somehow predicted in advance.

In my last few videos, I told you about a mathematical formulas I developed for accurately calculating market turning points based on the Square of Nine used by WD Gann.

The effectiveness of this method alone varies between 70 and 85 per cent depending on the instrument. Obviously, when some filters are added, the accuracy is even higher. You can find links to these videos down below under this video.

If you want to find out in details how these methods you can learn them from my private online training. For details drop me a line to

From the other hand, you don’t have to follow any guidance because in the video below I will show you how you can easily find these points without mathematical formulas and calculations.

It may not be as many and as accurate as the method I mentioned earlier, but it will be precise enough to effectively predict future market reversals.

This free software you can download from

The settings of Astrolog for trader’s needs are relatively simple; I also made a video on this subject. You can watch it below.